Pillow Pad Review: Next-Gen Multi-Angle Tablet Stand

Pillow Pad Review

The Pillow Pad is a big piece of foam. It is a tablet stand produced by the company “Ontel”. You can found the pillow pad on Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond.
This tablet stand allows consumers to view their device at three different angles degrees: 72, 62 and 42 degrees. There are a lot of devices and the Flippy is the closet one to the pillow pad.
The pillow pad is just kind of slid and it is pretty basic.

Price: around 20 dollars.

Positive characteristics of the Pillow Pad:

– There’s a lot of devices
– Compatible with almost book
– Compact and comfortable
– These items are ideal for travel
– Having a pocket for storage
– The Removable suede cover is washing machine
– Alleviates tightness in neck and hands

 Negative characteristics:

– The reviews out there are hard to find
– It is too light
– It’s kind of unforgiving and that’s pretty large which would be a problem
– Sometimes none of the angles, then it wouldn’t be quite as useful
– This case is absolutely horrible and it’s actually not easy

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