Fastball Phone Mount review

Fastball Phone Mount

Fastball Phone Mount is a product called Fastball as seen on TV and advertised as the world’s best phone mount, It comes with its instructions, you have to find a hard surface to mount it in your car or any place you like to fix your phone or tab.
But a lot of car dashes aren’t completely flat and seems to be so textured. Once you mount it on your car, you have to wait about 24 hours to get a durable mount, and once it’s stuck you could easily fix your phone using the strong magnet given with it.

Price: ≈ 15$ .

Positive characteristics of Fastball Phone Mount:

  • Very useful to set your phone like a screen for your car.
  • A good tool for lifting phones or tabs in cars dash.

Negative characteristics of Fastball Phone Mount:

  • It needs hard surfaces to stuck on it, and lots of dash cars are so textured.

See the video:

Fastball Phone Mount review
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