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A Super Absorbent Multi-purpose Cleaning Chamois, It is the best product by its rank in 2018. It is like a towel and a sponge, all in one product to give the best-wanted cleaning for all surfaces.
Just put your ShamWow above any liquid and it will disappear, it is like magic. Every time you use it you will say WAW. See the video.

Price: ≈ 20 to 30$.

Positive characteristics of ShamWow:

  • A superabsorbent Shammy. It soaks up to 10 times its weight.
  • It is a multi-purpose: dries, polishes, cleaners, washes…

Negative characteristics of ShamWow:

  • It is not a new invention but needs to be tried.

See this video:

ShamWow review
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