Sugru Moldable Glue review.

Sugru Moldable Glue

        It is among the very recommended DIY products for making and fast fixing things, it’s safe on use for kids and prolonged skin contact.

       Sugru Moldable Glue is a like it sounds; a moldable glue based on advanced silicone technology. You can shape it or stick it as you like, and it will set strong by turning into silicon rubber. The amazing things are handling temperature up to 180° C, and that means a good standing on many areas and condition like dishwasher, shower.

This product sticks permanently to many materials like wood, glasses, or even ceramic and metal.

     Price:  about 20$.

        Positive characteristics of Sugru Moldable Glue:

  •  A moldable glue that fit to make any shape.
  •  Based on advanced silicon technology.
  •  The first 30 minutes is for building and creating the appropriate shape you need to use.
  •  In 24 hours, it turns into hard shape and stays stuck.
  • It fixes every broken stuff in your house.

         Negative characteristics of Sugru Moldable Glue:

  •   Only works if you get it as fresh and use it immediately.
  • It has a problem of date expiration.

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Sugru Moldable Glue
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